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Becoming a Helper

Before applying, please read this entire post as it explains what is expected out of staff members and the requirements of becoming one. Being a staff member on DAWNFALLS requires a lot of responsibilities and is a big deal. You must be able to handle situations in a professional and respectful manner and helping players new players who may have questions. Keep in mind, Helper rank is the first step in your staff career and is to see if you're suitable for a position such as Junior Moderator.


In order to apply for a staff position, you must meet these specific requirements:

  • Age - You must be 16 years or older.
  • Microphone Accessibility - You must be available to voice chat with other people if needed in certain situations.
  • Punishment History - You must have a relatively clean punishment history.
  • Recording Software Accessibility - You must have access to a recording software in order to get evidence for punishing rule-breakers.
  • Staffing - You must not be staff on any other server while staffing on DAWNFALLS.
  • Activity - You must be active while staffing, we have activity guidelines for each rank for staff to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Applicants typically ask these questions regarding their applications.

Q: After applying, how long could it take to hear back?
A: All applications are generally looked over within a 2-week period, so please be patient during this time. Accepted applicants will be contacted by an Administrator VIA Discord. If you haven't been messaged within a 2-3 week period, your application has most likely been denied and you can re-apply after 1 month.

Q: Can I ask anyone how my staff application is going?
A: Staff members should not be asked about any of the application process or how the application is going. If you're caught asking by administrators your application will have less of a chance of being considered.

Q: I've been added on Discord by an Administrator, what does this mean?
A: This most likely means that your application has been accepted! Once you've accepted the friend request, the administrator that is trying to contact you will set up a time and date for you and them to meet for an interview where a series of questions will be asked about your applications and on the server. For this interview, you will want to make yourself familiarized with Rulebook.

Instant Denied Applications

Doing these will instantly deny you from your current application and or future applications as well.

  • Annoying staff members (including in private) about getting them to check your application or vouch for you as a staff member.
  • Attacking the staff team and the server after your denial and or demotion.
  • Copying your old applications or another previous applicant's application.
  • Applying immediately after a demotion from the staff team.
  • Not being able to talk using a microphone.

Apply Here!

Keep in mind to re-read this page and understand the requirements of becoming a staff member. This is a responsible position that requires maturity and respectfulness in all situations. If you do not meet our requirements, it'll lead your application to be instantly denied.

Click Here To Apply For Staff!

Last edited: 19/06/2022

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